About EcologyBox

EcologyBox is an open-source code repository maintained by the Mathematical Biology Program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle WA. The public may use and download public projects. Access to node-only projects is restricted to registered members. Privacy controls on projects can be used to limit access to project members only, node members only (meaning registered EcologyBox users), or the public. EcologyBox is a simple version control system for working on and collaborating on code. EcologyBox is intended to be used for the kinds of modeling and statistical code that would later become part of the public domain via publication in academic journals or tech memos. FishBox should not be used for collaboration on projects that are sensitive in nature. All projects are viewable by the EcologyBox administrators (in the NWFSC MathBio program) who monitor the site activity to ensure that the site is being used in a professional manner consistent with the purpose of the site (sharing open-source modeling and statistical code).

What is Greenboxes?

Greenboxes (Beta) is a content manager and stream-lined version control platform for projects and code. It provides a variety of project privacy and sharing levels, tagging of projects, searching, and basic version control. It allows individual file uploading or syncing to a zipped directory. It was developed in the Mathematical Biology Program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center. Use the contact links at the bottom of the page for more information.

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